Edelsten Bikes

Introducing Edlesten Bikes to the UK. German engineering, designed by former pros with more than 3 decades of top level experience!

Edelsten Bikes started in the early 2013 in Regensburg, Germany. Three good friends whose passion for cycling is their way of life, started this project. Their motive for the brand was clear from the very beginning: create beautiful bikes ready to race.

Today Edelsten bicycles are well known for their superior performance, beautiful aesthetics and their timeless designs. Edelsten’s love for bicycles is expressed as an obsessive dedication to deliver the best quality materials, manufacturing technology and components. They simply take care of every single detail so you can enjoy the ride.

Their mission is to deliver the best performance, crafted into a beautiful bicycle. After all, cycling is a beautiful sport that unites people all around the world. It is a passion that is only truly understood by those who practice this challenging discipline. Edelsten understand and feel it! Cycling is a lifestyle, a path some people choose in life.

Some may argue that racing is just about being first to hit the finish line, but we simply disagree. It is not a matter of podiums, Racing is about searching for improvements and embracing challenge. We love cycling because it is a challenge by its own definition.

We find challenges competing against ourselves, against others or simply against the clock. Sometimes the challenge find us on our way home, but cycling is just about this, racing our everyday live’s!

Quality: Edelsten frames are hand-crafted by the best manufacturers in Shenzen, the top level technological and production center in the world of carbon bikes. They design their own geometries and choose the best materials available to ensure the superior performance of their frames. They inspect and test each raw frame personally before it is sent to Italy where, one of the oldest and most respected paint shops in the country applies the finishing touches to create the masterpiece.

Simplicity: Their design philosophy is based on one value: timeless simplicity. They believe that simple is beautiful. Each ‘Edition’ created is a meaningful expression of this design philosophy. They carefully chose details and colours to create an harmonic concept without expiration date and able to survive trends over the time.

Customization: The best performance cannot be achieved only by assembling together the best components. Those components need to fit the rider, only a symbiotic relation between the rider and the machine can achieve the best performance standard. For this reason, at Edelsten Bikes and Hammer Sport we are committed to provide you with the widest range of components possible to ensure you are able to build your own sportive race machine.

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