Bike fit for your existing bike




(Includes club membership)

Free for all Hammer Sport Club members!

A bike fit is the most important money you’ll ever spend on your bike and is the key to any coaching program!

The correct position ensures comfort, efficiency and superb bike handling. There’s no point in spending a fortune on your bike to then ride in the wrong position (or have the wrong size bike too); this will leave you with potential injuries, loosing power through inefficiency and with a badly handling machine.

The benefits of a correctly-fitted bicycle include:

  • Reduced fatigue:
  • Reduced chances of injury;
  • Reduced symptoms of pain;
  • Reduced pressure at contact points;
  • Greater power output

This will make a massive difference to your cycling! That’s why we include a bike fit as standard for all Hammer Sport Club members.

There are many different computerised bike fit models available today. The problem with systemised approaches [reliant on specific technology] is that they’re restrictive, and can prevent you getting the results you need. The best bike fits step outside of those restrictions. We eschew the use of technology, preferring to use mathematics, experience and knowledge of geometry to inform our process and achieve the best position for you.

The price excludes the cost of any parts needed to set your position correctly (eg: handle bars or stems)

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