At Hammer Sports, we have successfully coached cyclists of all levels and abilities. Novice, club rider, experienced racing / sportive cyclists and triathletes (standard distance through to Ironman). We have helped people progress from fulfilling the goal of riding their first sportive all the way through to ultra sportive racing. We’ve coached riders to acheive their own goals in their local sportive through to (podium level at) British, European and amateur World Championship level.

Whatever your goals, we will help you progress!

Training Events

Please see our Tours section for full details of all European events and trips

In addition to the tours and training camps, Hammer Sport Team and Club run weekly Sunday club rides from Salcombe, leaving the park and ride at 9:30. Fast group usually covers 55-60 miles and the slower group ride is circa 45 miles. We all meet up for coffee and ride home together. Visitors are welcome, but please check for details first though! (07801930443)

During the winter and spring, we have monthly Challenge Rides from Salcombe and Roadford Lake to give a focus and get you ready for the coming season. Full details can be seen in our calender.

Training Schedules

We write schedules for people of all abilities to help them achieve their goals; these may be to ride La Marmotte, or L’Etape du Tour, to move from bronze to gold standard, or to progress in road racing or cyclo-cross. Please contact us to begin the process.

Coaching Advice

No matter how experienced we are, we all need advice and can learn a lot from others. Our advice is not restricted to training, but includes nutrition, bike handling, bike set up, tactics in events/races, and bike fit.

A bike fit is an essential starting point. After all, there is no point in training hard and then riding a badly set up or incorrectly sized bike that’s inefficient, uncomfortable and gives you aches and pains you don’t need!

Speak to Andrew Thompson on 07801930443 to discuss the next steps.

Coaching Plans

Before we can build your training plan, we’ll need to talk concisely to establish your current position, experience, health, height and weight, time commitments and objectives. These can only be established by consultation. Once this is done, we can devise your specific plan and a contact strategy that’s right for you. This will allow us to monitor and adapt your training as the plan progresses and guide you towards your goal.

Check out some of our Coaching Plans in our Catalogue and, remember, a Coaching Plan will be tailored to your specific needs and goals.