Tifosi Auriga


Sold as a frameset or complete bike, with every component selected & sized for you measurements



The Auriga has been in constant development with the Spirit Tifosi race team since the bike’s launch. Now in its third generation, it’s faster than ever.

It was important that we made the Auriga quick not just in sprints, but for classic style races such as the Lincoln GP and super brutal Cicli Classic. The Auriga needed to be comfortable enough to handle long races and rough terrain, as well as be quick enough to out sprint riders in events such as the Tour Criterium Series.

Using Toray 700/800 carbon, the frame has been designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics to maximise its aerodynamic properties. A truncated foil design has been utilised to allow the air to move around the frame as efficiently as possible – it’s aerodynamic in real world situations, not just a wind tunnel.

The rear stays have been redesigned and as a result the rear brake mounting has been moved to the seat stay instead to maximise braking power. Not only does this minimise any potential brake rub on the rear wheel, it prevents dirt from the road interfering with the caliper, ensuring maximum efficiency and longer life for your brakes. It also allows fitment of tyres up to 25mm.

Designed and assembled in the UK.

Frameset price – £999.99

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